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FieWin App is one the best game online available in today’s time which can be used as regular source of money. There are multiple games available on Fiewin which are very simple and interesting, people play them and if they wins the game they get real Paytm Cash which can be withdrawn in their UPI and Bank Accounts. This app is hundred percent real and authentic source of money. You can trust this app.

In this article we will review FieWin app in detail and will come out with some of the genuine and risk free ways of earning money daily. Read this article till end and you will get good piece of information which you can use to earn money using Fiewin app.

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What is Fiewin ?

Fiewin app

FieWin is Online website and Mobile application designed to play games. Before playing games on FieWin you need to register yourself with your mobile number. Once you have completed the registration process, you can start playing games and win money. There are total 7 games present on FieWin which are Circle, fast parity, Dice, Crash, Minesweeper, Andar Bahar, Hilo. All the games are very much interesting in playing and also and very much simple.

First you need to Submit some amount of money here using UPI and Bank Accounts. After recharging your wallet, you can play any game you want. Once you win the gameplay, you are required to withdraw that money in your bank account.

Once you submit your bank account, money will be credited to your account with in seconds. This makes this app so much love by everyone. This app has total of 1.37 Crore Active users registered globally. If you are also looking for the passive income source then you should also use FieWin App.

How to Register in FieWin App?

You are required with your Mobile Number which is not pre registered in Fiewin. Make sure that messages can be sent to that number as you need to verify your mobile number with One Time Password. Follow these steps to register in FieWin:

Step 1) Click on this Register Link

Step 2) Now Enter your Mobile Number

Step 3) Click on Get Verification Code

Step 4) Now Enter the Code

Step 5) Now Choose a Password of your choice

Step 6) Finally Click On Register Button

FieWin Login

After Successful registration, you need to login your account to play games. Now you can login using two methods, one is using your chosen password and other is using one time password. You should choose Password option as it is more safe and do not require sending OTP to registered mobile Number.

Click on the Login Button and Enter your Mobile Number and Password. If you have forgotten your password then you can choose alternative way of login with One Time Password.

FieWin Games

Now comes the most interesting part of this app. As we already mentioned above that there total 7 games are available in FieWin. Now we will discuss these games in detail and how you can win them. Before this we must recommend you to play these games in care of someone as these games may involve financial risk.

1) Circle – In this game, there are number written on circular disc. You have to guess a number and bet some money on that. After that this circle rotates and if this stop on your chosen number then you have won the gameplay.

2) Parity – This game is also based on guess work and luck factor. In this game there are three colors, red, green , Violet. When your chosen colors appears in the result, you win the money.

3) Crash – This game is most interested game among all the game. In this game, a jet Flies and you have to bet some amount on it. Money you bet gets increase every second and you have to exit the game before jet burst it’s own.

4) Dice – Numbers 1 to 100 are written on Dice and you have to guess one number range. If that range gets right you won the money.

5) Minesweeper – In this game, Mines are hidden under the numbers and you have to dig up those. If you complete the game before founding mines, you get the money.

How to Add Money In FieWin Account?

To play games, you need to have certain amount of money in FieWin account which can not be less than Rs 50. Adding money in Fiewin account is cake walk process and takes only 1 minute. If you are facing any problem then below are some required steps to add money in Your FieWin Wallet. You need to have at least One Paytm, Phonepe aur Google Pay Account.

Step 1) Click on The Recharge Option from the bottom menu.

Step 2) Now Enter the amount you want to add in Fiewin account.

Step 3) Click On Recharge Button

Step 4) Now Choose one of the Payment Method – G Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm or Amazon Pay.

Step 5) Complete the Payment in any of the App.

Step 6) Now Take the Screen shot of the Payment and upload it at the given place.

Step 7) Once You submit the Screenshot wait for at least one minute and your payment will be approved by the Fiewin.

How to Withdraw Money From FieWin Account?

One of the best and prominent feature that makes Fiewin special from other games is it’s money withdrawal process. You can get your money within seconds. When you withdraw refer and earn money you did not have to give any fee but when you withdraw you win amount, you have to pay certain transaction fee.

Here is the process to withdraw money in Fiewin account:-

Step 1) Click on withdraw button

Step 2) Enter your Bank Account details or UPI ID

Step 3) Now Validate your bank account by One Time Password at your registered mobile number.

Step 4) Now Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw

Step 5) Wait for at least one minute and money will be credited in your bank account.

How to Earn Money With Fiewin App ?

Today is everyone is searching for the valid source of earning money. There are multiple ways of earning money. Fiewin is one such method which provides multiple ways of earning money easily and without any risk. Here are some of ways in Fiewin which can lead your earn real Paytm Cash.

4 Best ways of Earning Money on Fiewin

1) By Playing Games :- This is the easiest and simple way of earning money in Fiewin. You can play any game of your choice and win money. But These games involve the financial risk and you can lose money so play at your own risk.

2) By Refer and Earn – This is best and risk free method of earning money. In this you have to share this app with your friends, family members and relatives. One they register in this app with your link, you will get the commission. Share the app on social media accounts so that you get more and more downloads. By this method you can earn up to Crores of money.

3) By Agent Million Cash Growth Plan: This method is very much related to the above method. Once any user register at Fiewin with your link and recharge over 100 this is counted as one Effective User. So Fiewin provides rupees for these effective users. You get Rs 1000000 money for 10000 effective users.

4) Daily Free Bonus – Fiewin provide daily some amount of money for their registered users. This money may not be enough for withdrawal but you can use it to play games and win. Later you can get them at one go.

FieWin App Features 

There are some really very good features of Fiewin App which can help you to use this app for making money. We have listed some of them below :

  • Simple, Crisp and User Friendly Interface
  • Easy and quick Withdrawal Process
  • Cash Deposit Process is simple and quick.
  • High Level of Security
  • Daily Rewards
  • Interesting Games to play
  • Refer and earn program
  • Task Rewards

Is Fiewin Real or Fake?

Many People claims that Fiewin is not real game and it fools people and sometimes cheat with them and steal their money. But this is not the reality. This is most trusted online earning app. It has total 1.3 Crore registered users and website has monthly traffic of 5 Million. Around 1 Million people daily play games here and earn crore of money. This money is real paytm cash and you can withdraw it in your bank accounts. Fiewin App is real and 100 percent authentic app which follows government guidelines.

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