How to Use Manav Sampda Uttar Pradesh, Apply Leave-

Manav Sampda : Manav Sampda is online portal provided by the central government for the government employees for various online services like Applying for Leave, Transfer Request, Salary Slip, Office Profile and other important services. Here we will discuss how being a Government Employee of Uttar Pradesh You can Use Manav Sampda Portal for various important issues.

We have tried to cover all the services provided by the Manav Sampda Portal and process involved in executing them. Read this article completely so that you can solve all your doubts.

Topics Covered in this Article :

  • What is Manav Sampda?
  • How to Login Manav Sampda Portal ?
  • Departments available on Manav Sampda
  • How to Apply for Leave?
  • How to Get Salary slip ?
  • How to request transfer?
  • How to Lock Attendance ?
  • How to Approve others Leave?
  • How to See your profile?

What is Manav Sampda?

Manav Sampda

Manav Sampda is online portal named after the Hindi word which means all the human resources. As the name suggest it is source for the various govt employees working under state government. This portal is of immense use for the employees and one should know the exact use of this portal. Every state has it’s own Manav Sampda Portal and here we will discuss about the Uttar Pradesh Manav Sampda Portal which is accessible at – Manav Sampda Uttar Pradesh .

There are total 83 various state government departments and 1388000 registered at Manav Sampda Portal. This portal is used for various Services. Those all services are mentioned below.

Manav Sampda Services 

As we have already mentioned the fact that in present time this app has got immense use. All the important services are listed below.

  1. General Use – Update Password, Contact Details, Officer, Post for Promotion or Posting, Annual Property Return, View and Upload Your Documents.
  2. To Apply Leave and Accept your subordinates leaves.
  3. To Request Transfer
  4. View and Modify APAR Status
  5. To Lock Monthly Attendance
  6. To Download Salary slip


Before using any kind of the services you need to login in your manav sampda account first. And before that you should be a registered user. This registration will be done by your departments. You will be provided with a Manav Sampda Id and password. You can reset it’s password. Now we will discuss how you can login your account.

Step 1) Visit the official website or you can directly click here –

Step 2) Now Select your department your works in.

Step 3) Now Enter User ID and Password

Step 4) Now Enter the captcha

Step 5) Finally Click Login Button

How to Apply Leave in Manav Sampda?

This is perhaps the most crucial features which is used by most of the registered employees. You must know how to take leave on Manav Sampda. Follow the below process to get leave. Make sure to apply for leave before 8 AM.

Step 1) First Login in Your Manav Sampda Account

Step 2) Now Click on the Leave Module and Select My Leave Option

Step 3) Now Click on Apply Leave

Step 4) Now Select the Type of Leave that is Casual Leave

Step 5) Now Enter the Beginning and Last Date

Step 6) Give Some description of the leave

Step 7) Now Click on Apply Button

Step 8) Keep on checking your Leave Status, hopefully it will be approved.

Manav Sampda Salary Slip Download

This is one of the striking feature of the Manav Sampda Portal that employees can easily get their salary slip of every month. Salary slip is required in aspects. From Manav Sampda Portal you can easily get your Salary Slip. We have provided all the necessary steps below. Follow them and we assure you that you will not face any kind of problem.

Steps to download Salary Slip :

Step 1) Login in You Manav Sampda Account

Step 2) In the Menu Section, click on Payroll Button.

Step 3) Click on salary Slip option

Step 4) Now Select your year and Month for which you want your salary slip

Step 5) Finally Click On submit Button.

Step 6) Download the PDF of the Salary Slip

Manav Sampda Attendance Lock

This option is only available to the Higher Post Employee in any department in which he or she approved that a employee was present for certain number of days in month and holidays are included in it. Before approving the Attendance, you should approve the Leave applied by your subordinates.

There is fix period of time interval in which you have to lock the attendance. This Attendance Lock window opens up on every 20th of the month. You have to complete the process in 3 days only, otherwise you and your subordinates will not get their monthly salary.

Here is the exact process by which you can lock attendance:

Step 1) Login in your Manav Sampda Account

Step 2) Now Select Payroll option from the menu bar

Step 3) Now Click on Attendance Option

Step 4) First Click on Extract Pending leaves

Step 5) Now Approve the pending leaves of your subordinates

Step 6) Finally Click on Save button

Step 7) Now Click on Lock Attendance Option.

Step 8) You can download the PDF for future reference.

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