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Rajasthan land Records: The Rajasthan government offers Rajasthan land records of rights (RoR) online, through the Apna Khata portal. The Rajasthan land record portal was set up by the Revenue Department, which provides all the land records of the State in an organised portal. These land records are computerized, and citizens can easily fetch land records via Apna Khata wherever they want and whenever they need.

In this article , we are going to tell you the complete process by which you can check your land records online. It is a very simple process and can be done with the help of mobile or laptop. Read the article till the end to get all the information about the topic.

Apna Khata Land Records Rajasthan

Rajasthan Land Records

The land records are called Jamabandi or Bhulekh in common language. As we know that we can access all our land records online which reduces time and paperwork . It is very useful for the government as well. Apart from offering citizens services online, the Rajasthan E-Dharti portal also helps the state government to maintain land records digitally, which helps in keeping in check land-related frauds.

Scheme Name

Apna Katha Rajasthan

Official Website



Digitalize land records

Concerned Department

Rajasthan Revenue Department


All citizens of the state

Districts included

All districts of Rajasthan

Uses of Apna Khata Rajasthan

Land Records are very valuable assets of an individual . They are the declaration of someone’s personal property. They are used in various official works. One of the very common use of Apna Khata is that land buyers and sellers use it as a proof for their ongoing business because it provides the below details-

  1. Mutation status of the property.
  2. Eligibility to open bank account and for loan or credit.
  3. Inheritance of land.
  4. Land title verification at the time of purchase.
  5. To deal with litigations.
  6. Details about land disputes can be obtained by Apna Khata

Check Rajasthan land records online @apnakhata.raj.nic.in

As we have discussed earlier , checking your land records online via Apna Khata Portal is a very simple process. You can easily check and verify your land records on your mobile phone by visiting the Apna Khata Portal. Follow the given steps to check your Land Records online-

STEP 1) Visit the official website apnakhata.raj.nic.in

STEP 2)Select the District Name.

STEP 3)Select your Tehsil.

STEP 4)Fill details like Name, Address, District and Pin Code.

STEP 5) Download it in your device for future reference.

Apna Khata Frequently Asked Questions ?

Ques- What is jamabandi?

Ans– Jamabandi stands for record of rights (ROR) of a village. It is basically the land records in Rajasthan.

Ques. How to check Rajasthan land records ?

Ans- To check land records in Rajasthan, follow the given steps-

  1. Visit the Apna Katha website and select the district.
  2. Select Tehsil and pick the village name.
  3. Enter the details such as name, address, pin code, and city. Select one out of five (USN, khata, khasra, USN, GSN, and name) options to obtain the land record.

Ques- What is the official website of Rajasthan Bhulekh?

Ans– To obtain land recordsĀ  (Bhulekh) in Rajasthan, the citizens can login to Apna Katha ( apnakhata.raj.nic.in).

Ques- Are land records available online for all locations in Rajasthan?

Ans-Land records are not available for some locations in Rajasthan.

Ques- What is the fees to obtain Apna Khata Land Records in Rajasthan?

Ans– To obtain land records in Rajasthan there is a minimal amount that has to be paid which are as follows –

  1. Jamabandi (Record of Rights of the village) copy – Rs.10
  2. Copy of the map – Rs. 20

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