This is privately owned website which is made for showing the Kalyan Chart, Kalyan result and Kalyan Open everyday. It provides the fastest, credible and authentic results as comparing to other websites. This is not the official website of Satta Matka and neither we are included in any kind of game which requires bidding of money.

Kalyan Chart Today

This is just result website. Further we advice not to play Satta Matka as it can be very harmful for you and you near ones. In the Kalyan Matka game, players select two numbers, called a Jodi, and place bets on them. The results are based on the actual opening and closing rates of cotton as transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

The Kalyan Jodi Chart displays the performance of different Jodi numbers over a period of time, usually a month, with each day’s Jodi number being recorded. It is used by players to identify patterns and trends in the market that may help them make predictions and select Jodi numbers to bet on. It is also used by traders to make informed trading decisions. The chart is created by collecting the data of the Kalyan Matka game over a period of time and then plotting them in a graphical format for easy understanding.

The game involves betting on a number, and the players whose number is closest to the one that is randomly drawn win the prize. The game is illegal in India and can be punishable under the law. It is also highly discouraged as it can lead to financial losses and addiction.